Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

"This place is great!  They really do an excellent job with cleaning my car!!!"  -- Bev (Aug '17)


"Been here a dozen times and never been disappointed." -- Derek (Aug '17)


"Very detailed clean and it's done quick so that I'm not waiting too long."  -- Melissa (Aug '17)


"Friendly employees, the vacuum area is always kept neat and the hoses properly hung.  The monthly program is a great idea." -- Gail (Aug '17)


"Friendly and professional staff.  Facilities that are well maintained."  -- Wayne (July '17)


"Excellent car wash when you don't have the time to wash it yourself but enjoy a clean car.  Worth the money!"  -- Anthony (July '17)


"It was totally obvious that this car wash was well maintained; very clean & the wash itself had lots of soap!!!!  Very important to me!!!:)  Thank you!"

  -- Wenonah (July '17)


"The Bay Breeze Oil Lube department is excellent, and the wait time is much better than an auto dealer service department."  -- Raul (July '17)


"They do a good job and their prices are reasonable for what you get."  -- Nelson (July '17)


"Car looked great inside and out."  -- Lisette (July '17)


"Excellent service!  Super fast, I was in and out for an oil change within 15 minutes."  -- Charles (June '17)


"Quick and easy car wash, friendly staff, and super clean premises!  I'll never go anywhere else :)."

  --  Leigh Ann (June '17)

"Always quuick and easy.  Not to mention courteous, today as I was done vacuuming an employee walked over and said he hang it back up for me.  I'm sure it's because I never get it right but it was still a nice gesture.  Keep up the good work boys!" 

  -Wesley Aug '17

"This past Tuesday I stopped at the car wash to let the manager know how much I loved seeing the huge American flag waving majestically over Dale Mabry.  It is by far the biggest flag in the area and just seeing it billow stirs patriotic feelings.  I look for it every trip I take on the road- which is often!  Since before Christmas the flag was not there and in addition to sharing my joy in seeing it, I wanted to know why it was missing.  I spoke with Nicholas Rodriguez who explained that several flags were down right now in need of repair.  He was very cordial, thanked me for stopping, and even offered me a carwash!  He agreed that the flag was an important symbol and he would see into it about getting it flying again.  It was a very pleasant conversation and I went off (with a clean car) feeling good about sharing my thoughts and his response.  His customer service was excellent and, to my sheer delight, I saw the flag waving again yesterday afternoon!  Kudos to Nicholas and the company for making an old American history teacher happy!"  -  Kristen 1/16/16



"Hi, I wanted to pass a compliment on one of your employees.  Tito at Dale Mabry is extremely helpful and polite.  I've been a member for several months and he always goes above and beyond to be helpful. "            - Darrell



"We were referred to Bay Breeze Car Wash by a friend and were extremely pleased with the product quality a nd customer service received. We definitely plan to buy from Bay Breeze Car Wash in the near future!"     -Marta



"There's nothing like this place in New York.  Please build one there!"  -Steven



I recently had service at your car wash, specifically the lube department and I needed to explain to you the service and how it affected me.

For starters let me explain the situation from the beginning. I have always taken my vehicles to your car wash and had good service. I have on several occasions used the lube center and it has been a very satisfactory experience. Several weeks ago I took my vehicle there for service, a simple oil change and filter change. Last week I took my wife to the hospital for emergency gall bladder removal and was tasked to take our newborn to and from the hospital several times. At about 3am I pulled into the ER and my OIL PRESSUE light came on, along with a warning for being out of oil. I was shocked. After checking the oil, it was dry. I added oil and took it to your service department the very next day, assuming there was an issue with your service that potentially could’ve ruined my engine.
As I arrived I was greeted by Moses Pomales, who promptly took my vehicle in after I explained the situation. He took some time to rinse my engine and wipe down everything to find the leak. At this point he called me over to see that the leak was not from my filter or drain cap but from an oil sending unit. I was very upset to learn the engine had a real problem, not the fault of your department but still a horrible discovery. This is when Moses took the time to explain how to change the part out and asked me if I had a mechanic. I explained that I did not, and I also needed to use the van to get to Alabama that evening. He did not hesitate in his actions. He called to have his son picked up and asked if I was able to get the part and he would install it. I couldn't believe he would offer that service with only 30 minutes left in the day. I ran to the parts store and back and within 15 minutes he had my van up and running and topped off my oil. When he finished he ran it through the car wash and refused payment or even a free dinner. The above and beyond customer first attitude Moses had that day was a true miracle for me and my family. I cannot express how great that made me feel. He told me that he takes care of his customers and as long as I’m happy he is happy as well.
There is no greater way to win customers than the way Moses did that day. Because of his actions I have told this story to numerous people and convinced them that your location is the only place for lube service and car washes. I will highly recommend your location and further more will never go anywhere else but there for my vehicles service. I know the service I received was not normal and your shop does not offer that type of work but to make an exception for me was amazing.
If there is anything that can be done to recognize Moses, please do so, and if you need anything further from me or I can be of help to you please reach out to me. I have been a retail manager for years and that is one of the single best examples of service I have ever experienced.
Thank you, and please thank Moses again for everything!
Good morning Howard, my name is Chas, I just wanted to reach out and tell you how great Peter was to work with.  He made the whole transaction personable using names and was a great sales guy.  I used to go to the dealership for my oil changes and will only come here now for my car and my wifes.  He also managed to up sell the air filter last go around, which isn't huge but the dealership had tried the last 5 oil changes.  His low pressure approach works well.  Keep up the good work and I'll continue coming.  Thanks!
--Chas  5/2/15