This is our UNLIMITED Membership introduction form, that each new enrollee receives when they join.  Please feel free to review the terms, limitations, and benefits of the program below. 

Thank You for your interest in becoming a Bay Breeze UNLIMITED Member!


Below you will helpful information regarding the UNLIMITED Membership Program.


The UNLIMITED Membership allows for unlimited access to our car wash, for a single vehicle, without the hassles of having to pay for each wash.  The membership is based on an auto-billing system.  When you sign up for the membership, we will ask for not only your contact information but also for a method of payment.  This method will be automatically billed once a month to keep your membership in good standing.  This is typically done through the use of a credit card.  It will be billed on your "anniversary date," which is the date that you joined the program.  There are no limitations or contracts to sign, and you may cancel at any time.  Please allow up to 7 working days for all membership cancellations.  An RFID sticker, similar to that of the SUNPASS, is placed by a Bay Breeze employee for its optimum performance, inside of your windshield.  Your membership pertains to a single-vehicle only.  If you have multiple vehicles, then each vehicle would need its own RFID sticker.



The Process:


Once you have signed up for the program and the RFID sticker has been placed within your vehicle, you are ready to start enjoying your unlimited wash Membership.  When you pull into the car wash, be sure to pull in to the appropriate VIP lane(s) if they are designated.  Slowly pull forward to the payhead.  It is at this point that the system begins to read your RFID sticker, which sends a radio frequency to the system, which tells the car wash which package you have signed up for.  Certain windshields and/or electronic equipment may make the reading of the RFID sticker difficult, rendering unable to read.  If you are having difficulty, please let our attendant know about the situation and they will proceed to resolve the issue.  Once the system has recognized your vehicle and when the car wash is not busy, the gate will open and you may proceed through the car wash.  You will not need to roll your windown down or insert any money if you are a VIP member. 



The Packages:


Express : $19.99 / mo. (plus tax)

Super : $24.99 / mo. (plus tax)

Deluxe : $29.99 / mo. (plus tax)

Nano no Tire Shine : $44.99 / mo. (plus tax)

Nano w/ Tire Shine : $49.99 / mo. (plus tax)



How To Cancel:


If you should decide to terminate your membership, this can be done at any time.  There are no obligations.  However, you must notify the specific Bay Breeze location so that it can be processed.  The phone number and your specific membership location will be located on the original paperwork when you joined the UNLIMITED Membership program.  Please remember to allow for up to 7 business days in order for your membership cancellation to be processed.  If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact us.




How To Upgrade / Downgrade:


If you would like to change your specific UNLIMITED Membership Wash Package, please let your specific Bay Breeze location know about your request.  You may also email us by going to the "Contact Us" link on this website, and letting us know what it is you would like for us to do.




RFID Sticker Placement / Replacement:


Bay Breeze Car Wash personnel will be responsible for placing the RFID sticker within the vehicle.  This is a highly sensitve sticker and must never be removed and/or tampered with.  If you ever purchase a new vehicle or have your windshield replaced, the sticker will not be transferable.  Please let us know if you need a new sticker for when either of these situations should occur.  There will be no charge for replacement RFID stickers when this is the situation.  However, if the sticker has been removed, tampered with, or at the discretion of Bay Breeze Car Wash defined as having voided the original effectiveness, then it will be the sole responsibility of our customer to replace the RFID sticker by purchasing a new one for $5.00. 




Current Locations Offering the UNLIMITED Membership:


Bay Breeze 54  -  (24124 S.R. 54, Lutz, FL)

Bay Breeze Dale Mabry  -  (7510 N. Dale Mabry)

Bay Breeze Pinellas Park  -  (8201 US 19, Pinellas Park, FL)

Bay Breeze Lakeland South  -  (6051 S. Florida Ave,  Lakeland, FL)

Bay Breeze Lakeland North - (5735 US 98 N,   Lakeland, FL)

Bay Breeze Bruce B. Downs - (20306 Trout Creek Drive,  Tampa, FL)

Bay Breeze Hillsborough - (12806 W. Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, FL)


Membership Disclaimers:


**Bay Breeze Car Wash reserves the right to alter, modify or change the car wash packages and/or pricing at any time.  Bay Breeze Car Wash also reserves the right to terminate any UNLIMITED Membership for reasons that include but are not limited to the abuse of membership privileges, inability of business to meet the needs of the customer, or the lack of cooperation on behalf of the customer regarding car wash operations, policies, and procedures.


Memberships are valid at Bay Breeze Express locations only. 


Memberships are not transferable between Bay Breeze Express locations. 


Your membership will only work at the location of your original sign up.


Bay Breeze Express reserves the right to close the car wash at our discretion for reasons not limited to the following: weather, equipment, utilities, and/or other reason(s) which would effect the quality or safety of personnel, equipment or personal property. 


Bay Breeze will make every reasonable effort to resume normal operations as quickly as possible so we can continue to service all of our customers. 


If you are a UNLIMITED Member, we do apologize for these inconveniences.  Bay Breeze Car Wash does not close a facility unless one of the circumstances outlined above have been met.  UNLIMITED Members will be able to continue service when at the discretion of Bay Breeze Car Wash, it has been determined that operating conditions have been met. 


There will be no monitary compensation for UNLIMITED Members, and/or refunds for time lost, when a situation(s) causing Bay Breeze to close the car wash occur(s).  Bay Breeze makes every reasonable effort to remain open as often as our posted hours indicate.  Reason(s) beyond our control may cause this to not be possible (weather, loss of electricity, equipment failure, etc.).